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First Class offers a full suite of services for Class Action Administration to provide you with a complete package to meet your needs. With our experience in these area, we’re happy to help you during your negotiation phases too.

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To successfully mail notices, several operations are done to the class list. The first step is to check that every record of every list is complete, and that the address is a valid mailable address. If unmailable records are found, we let you know which ones they are so that you have the opportunity to ask your client if more current information is available.

The next step is to standardize addresses using Postal Service addressing standards. This is done using "CASS" software. This step helps increase deliverability.


Claim form processing is a large part of any administration. We define the validation rules (with your input) for accuracy. As claim forms are received and evaluated, the class database is updated.

Probe360 is a comprehensive suite of products from MasterFiles and is used in financial, insurance, legal, government, law enforcement, and investigative industries.  It includes access to the following databases: individual references, directory assistance, and real property.

MasterFiles proprietary individual reference databases contain over 1 billion records. Each record includes social security numbers, date of birth and death, name, and address linked to individuals, relatives, and associates. It enables users to find individual’s current and historical addresses, along with real-time published telephone listings. These databases receive minor updates daily and major updates monthly.

The primary sources of data are as follows:

  1. Directory Assistance Data that contains connects and disconnects that are applied daily.
  2. Property Data – Data from 2,945 counties that is  received updated every 24 hours.
  3. Credit Header Data – MasterFiles obtains this file on a monthly basis and receive up to 8 former addresses. 
When needed, we'll set up a dedicated toll free line which includes a greeting message that will answer frequently asked questions, and the ability for class members to record a voice mail message if they need more information. This approach is less costly than live operators, but if live operators are required we will provide you with a cost estimate for them.
We check the class list using the U.S. Postal Service's National Change of Address (NCOA) system. This database contains 48 months of move information that people submit to the Postal Service.
We will administer the class fund as a Qualified Settlement Fund when required (usually when settlement checks are over $600). This includes obtaining an EIN number for the fund, sending 1099 forms to the class members, and submitting the 1120SF to the IRS.

A dedicated web site can be set up for the case, and will typically be used so that class members can download detailed information, such as a copy of the Settlement Agreement.

Over the years we've distributed millions of dollars of settlement funds. All settlement funds are segregated, and each individual distribution account is put under Positive Pay control to protect against fraud.
We can set up a class web site which includes online claim forms. The online claim forms can be used by themselves or in addition to regular mailed claim forms. Class members can also leave questions and comments online.